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Adam Schefter Dials in on Fresh Day Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

January 1, 2014

Recently, ESPN's sports anaylist, Adam Schefter, visited a Vision Source optometrist in New York City, Dr. Susan Resnick, for his annual eye exam. Shefter knows first hand the importance of eye exams as his wife suffers from diabetes, a disease that can be identified during an exam. This year,  with Dr. Resnick's...

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Smoking's Impact on You and Your Family's Vision

January 23, 2013

Health risks from smoking are well known, but little attention is paid to the increased risk of eye disease and potential for blindness. Smoking has detrimental effects on the cardiovascular system and can affect the small blood vessels that line the retina in the back of the eye.

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National Glaucoma Awareness Month

January 23, 2013

So I was invited to write a guest blog on the subject of Glaucoma. With the complexity of diagnosis and the multitude of treatments an effort to keep it simple and straight forward was difficult and I quickly hit a writer’s block.So I thought, what if I had Glaucoma? This is a coincidence as there is a family history or...

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