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Local Market Leadership

Members of the local market leadership team play an essential role in organizing and facilitating communication among member practices.

These locally focused teams are lead by Vision Source Administrators and Representative Facilitators and are chosen based on their professional achievement and merit. Read on to learn about their specific roles in the local market leadership team. 

Vision Source Administrators

Administrators are highly respected optometrist leaders who provide local membership leadership and business development assistance. They include many of the most influential Doctors of Optometry, including 11 former American Optometric Association (AOA) presidents.

Currently, there are over 150 Administrators, leading regional groups that encompass all 50 states, including:

Vision Source Administrators are highly regarded as influential leaders, exemplary caregivers and model citizens. Recognized as role model professionals, Administrators have an inherent desire to assist colleagues in achieving clinical excellence, providing unmatched patient care experiences and realizing rewarding business success.

Administrators accomplish the above through organizing and facilitating monthly or quarterly local member meetings, promoting elite vendor utilization, home office initiatives, local membership campaigns and peer-to-peer business strategy collaboration. With respect to the Affordable Care Act engagement, Administrators lead local efforts to secure their members as panel providers for managed care organizations operating in their given area. In addition, Administrators work in concert with their local Vision Source business development team colleagues to identify and facilitate new member acquisition.

Administrator Experience

Vision Source Representatives 


VSRs lead educational and idea exchange meetings locally, typically quarterly, for staff appointed by members as “Vision Source Representatives” (VSRs). A VSR also distributes information to their local Vision Source network and serves as a liaison at the staff level. Administrators appoint VSRs to work with members in their region, and we have instituted a new process by which candidates for the position perform an assessment to meet benchmarking of success in the role. They are trained by our corporate VSR team and are offered opportunities and resources from that team. 

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