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Eye Drops & Solutions

Protect your eyes with the right eye drops and solution. 

Your Vision Source doctor will help you obtain the appropriate eye drops and contact solution for your eyes. Below are some of the brands our member practices offer. Because each Vision Source office is independently owned and operated, eye drops and solutions will vary by location.

Contact Lens Care Solutions

The proper care of contact lenses requires solutions that clean, refresh and store the lenses. The first and most important purpose of any solution is to thoroughly disinfect your lenses. Most solutions also offer the added benefit of enhancing the comfort of contact lenses by removing protein deposits and helping the lenses retain moisture during wear. Not all solutions are compatible with all people or contact lenses, so be sure to use the solution and follow the care regimen specified by your Vision Source doctor.

AquaClear® 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

AquaClear® Multipurpose Solution


Clear Care®


Eye Drops & Dry Eye Treatment

Your Vision Source doctor is a primary eye health care provider, licensed to prescribe pharmaceuticals in the course of treatment of eye diseases or conditions. He or she will assist you in procuring the eye drops and treatments you need to maintain the health of your eyes.  


Systane iLux®


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