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Don't Forget your Sunscreen

May 1, 2014

"Don't forget your sunscreen!" is what many of us have heard or said numerous times. What eye doctors would love to start hearing is "Don't forget your sunglasses!" While 95% of the general population know that the sun's UV radiation can damage our skin, only 7% know that it can damage our eyes! Our eyes are continuously...

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Top Eye Health Risks for Women

April 23, 2014

April is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Did you know that more women than men suffer from visual impairments? Find out which eye diseases pose the highest risk and what you can do to lower your risk.

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Can Eye Makeup Cause Eye Problems?

April 14, 2014

Spring is finally here, and the entire month of April is dedicated to Women’s Eye Health & Safety. And what better way to start the month off than by talking about something many women can’t live without - eye makeup!

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The Exchange 2014 Opening Reception

April 3, 2014

Boston is a city full of rich history and colorful characters. With so many different neighborhoods and wonderful things to see and experience, it’s no wonder so many people seek it out as a desired destination. When the attendees of the Vision Source Exchange 2014 come to town, they are welcomed into Boston city with open arms at this vibrant and exciting themed cocktail reception.

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Women's Eye Health and Safety

April 1, 2014

Many of the challenges women face relating to their eyes are directly a result of varying hormones. One such time is during pregnancy, when the body is adjusting to the new life inside of it. My pregnant patients have often come to me complaining that their vision has changed suddenly, or that their contact lenses are now too uncomfortable to wear consistently. Both of these issues are common as hormonal fluctuations happen. Dry eyes cause irritation with contact lenses, and fluid retention in the surface tissue of the eyes can blur vision.

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11 Tips for Eliminating Computer Eye Strain

March 31, 2014

Do your eyes feel tired, irritated or dry after spending too much time on your computer? If so, you may have Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Here are some guidelines and tips to help alleviate these nagging symptoms.

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