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Frequently Asked Questions about AquaClear® 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

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Question: Do I need to wait 6 hours before wearing my contact lenses?

Answer: Yes, if lenses are worn prior to the completion of the 6-hour neutralizing period, you may experience burning or redness of the eye.

Question: Can I use any lens case for storing my contact lenses?

Answer: No, only use the lens case containing the platinum disc neutralizer when using AquaClear® 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection.

Question: Can I re-use the solution left in the case or top it off with new solution?

Answer: No, failure to discard solution from the case after each use may lead to inadequate disinfection potentially resulting in eye injury and loss of vision.

Question: Can I rinse my contact lenses with AquaClear® 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution and then immediately wear them?

Answer: No, never rinse your contact lenses with AquaClear® 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution and immediately wear them. This may cause burning and redness of the eye. Let your lenses soak for at least 6 hours in the special lens case provided so that the solution can properly complete neutralization.

Question: How often should I replace my lens case?
Answer: Dispose of your hydrogen peroxide lens case after 31 uses or 1 month of daily use.

Question: Can I wear my contact lenses if they’ve been soaking for more than 24 hours?

Answer: If your contact lenses have been stored in AquaClear® 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution for more

than 24 hours, repeat the disinfection and 6-hour neutralization process again following the directions for use.

Question: What if my eyes burn after I put my contact lenses in?

Answer: Remove your contact lenses immediately and flush your eyes with a large amount of water or sterile saline. If burning or irritation continues, seek immediate assistance from an eye care professional.

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