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Hear what some of our current members have to say about their experience joining the Vision Source network.

“My transition into private practice from the corporate setting would not have been nearly as smooth, nearly as successful during this first year if it wasn't for the membership in Vision Source--the resources Vision Source has provided and the support and love they have provided as well.”

Jane De Grasse, OD De Grasse & Ratliff Eye Center

“One of the great values that I see Vision Source spearheading is the ability to direct patients into our office. They've already proven great value in getting better rates with our vendors but I think being able to deliver more patients to our practices is going to be a tremendous benefit to all of our members.”

Jonathan Cargo, OD Cargo Eye Care of Las Colinas

“... that was the kind of commitment that Vision Source had done for us, and we are so thankful.”

Cynthia Tjahjadi, OD La Habra Family Vision Center

“When you think of Vision Source in your office, you think of all the things that Vision Source does for you. The marketing, the buying group, the study and the meeting people and just kind of discussing problems with comrades.. That kind of stuff just doesn't happen without Vision Source. When I bought this office it was about $200,000 a year. Last month, we're on the pace to be a million dollars a year. So it's been about a year and a half. I think Vision Source makes that stuff possible.”

Bruce Wick, OD, PhD, FAAO Vision Source Copperfield; Vision Source Mission Bend

“The power from Vision Source comes from our numbers, our unity, the doctors willing to share their experiences--all of these things increase every offices ability to do the very best job for their patients. ”

J. Travis Yadon, OD Vision Source OKC South

“I feel great about the future of Vision Source, I think it's the best place to be. If I were a young practitioner starting out now and I could give them a piece of advice, it'd be try to beat the door down and see if you can be a part of it. ”

Kim Kron, OD Marysville Vision Source

“Vision Source is going to continue to grow--gonna continue to be one step ahead of the changes so I'm very confident that Vision Source 20 years from now is gonna still be a very viable organization for those doctors who want to continue thriving in private practice. ”

Mario Gutierrez, OD, FAAO Vision Source Alamo Heights

“One of the things that we have noticed is once we joined Vision Source and really worked together. We track our practices and the growth of our practices and most of our practices have grown at least seven to ten percent each year. Even during this recent recession. ”

Karen Wrigley, OD Wrigley Eye Associates