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Welcome to Your Life With Glasses!

New to wearing glasses? They’re going to change your life in some not-so-obvious ways.

A lot of those changes are silly little things that never would’ve occurred to you before you started wearing them. How many on our list can you already check off?

1. Fog, Steam, and Humidity Woes

If you’re wearing glasses and take the lid off a pot or open the oven door, you’re likely to get a thick coating of steam on the lenses. It can happen during a workout or in a steamy bathroom after a shower, and anyone who wore glasses with a mask during the height of the pandemic was fighting a continuous battle to keep their own breath from fogging their glasses.

2. 3D Movies Are a Serious Pain

It can be very tricky to make the 3D goggles fit comfortably over a pair of glasses, particularly if you favor large frames. Even if the glasses fit under (or on top of) the 3D goggles, they might warp the image in ways that don’t combine well, sometimes leading to a literally headache-inducing experience. It might be worth keeping a few pairs of daily contact lenses if you’re a big fan of 3D movies.

3. The Constant Battle Against Dust and Smudges

Inevitably, your glasses will get dirty. Dust in the air will settle on the lenses, eyebrow and eyelash hairs will land on them, and any time you accidentally touch the lenses instead of the frames when adjusting your glasses, you’ll smudge them with the oils on your skin. If you use mascara, you might get streaks of it on your glasses. This is why it’s a good idea to keep a glasses-cleaning cloth and spray cleaner handy whenever possible.

4. What Move Do You Use to Push Up Your Glasses?

Even glasses that fit properly might occasionally slip a little down the bridge of your nose, but it’s an easy fix. Will you nudge one corner? Maybe push up on the bridge of the frames? Grab the earpiece? Grab the top and bottom of a lens? Or a rare one: push up on the horns of the frames with thumb and fingers spread wide? Whichever one you do, you’ll probably find yourself doing it occasionally even when you aren’t wearing your glasses!

5. You Start Thinking You Look Weird Without Glasses

Having glasses is like having an extra facial feature. They become part of you, sometimes enough that you barely recognize yourself without them. (We think this is a good argument in favor of the plausibility of people not recognizing that Clark Kent is Superman.) If you switch to contact lenses, it’s going to be a serious adjustment for you as well as the people around you.

6. Choosing New Frames Is an Instant Makeover

The right pair of frames can really make the look you’re going for, fashion-wise. We are long past the era of glasses-wearers being called “four-eyes.” You could look distinguished, scholarly, or trendy, to name a few options. Glasses come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The frames that perfectly match your personality and style are out there.

We Can Help You Change Your Life With Glasses!

We joke about all the weird little problems that come with wearing glasses, but they’re pretty minor, and all of them are worth it to have clear vision and for how cool you look wearing them. We can help you find the best frames for you, and if you’ve noticed yourself squinting a lot because everything looks fuzzy, we can definitely help with that!

What’s your relatable glasses experience?

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Author Vision Source — Published July 10, 2023

Posted In Eye Health Awareness