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Understanding And Managing Glaucoma For Lifelong Vision Health

Have you, or someone you love, been diagnosed with glaucoma? We know that it can be a difficult experience.

At these times, it’s especially important to have close relationships your vision care provider. Effective management of glaucoma is a team effort and while any vision loss occurring as a result of glaucoma cannot be reversed, the progression of glaucoma can be controlled.

Understanding More About Glaucoma and Its Treatment

Here are three important guidelines that empower our patients to live without being limited by their glaucoma:

1. Stay In Touch

The most important element of glaucoma management is continuous open communication with an eye health professional who is your partner in lifelong vision care. Each time you visit, mention any changes in vision, discomfort, and/or side effects from medication. List any questions you have for your next appointment or phone call and jot down the answers.

2. Know Your Medications

Always use medications and eye drops as directed. Read all instructions or have someone read them to you. Call if there are any questions or if you are experiencing any side effects. Many patients find it helpful to create a schedule with the times and quantities needed for each medication. It would be beneficial to use an alarm clock or phone reminders to help stick to it.

3. Practice Mental And Physical Self-Care

Dealing with a long-term condition like glaucoma can take a toll on all areas of well-being. Healthy living will not only help reduce the risk of additional glaucoma complications, but can also help keep your spirits high and your body active.

  • Be mindful of your dietary habits. Lower your sodium intake if recommended.
  • Be physically active as appropriate for your fitness level.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Relieve stress by confiding in a spouse, family member or close friend.

Your Future Is Bright

You can live a full life with glaucoma! This may be hard to believe immediately after receiving a diagnosis, but confidence grows with knowledge. By building a relationship with a trusted Vision Source doctor, they are better able to provide you with the absolute best care options.

Sarah’s Inspiring Story

Our Vision Source practices are composed of more than just doctors and patients. We strive to become your partners in lifelong vision health. To find a Vision Source practice near you, click here

Author Vision Source — Published March 12, 2015