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The Exchange 2014 Opening Reception

Boston is a city full of rich history and colorful characters. With so many different neighborhoods and wonderful things to see and experience, it’s no wonder so many people seek it out as a desired destination.

When the attendees of the Vision Source Exchange 2014 come to town, they are welcomed into Boston city with open arms at this vibrant and exciting themed cocktail reception.

Republic Ballroom | Southie

Boston Skyline

Upon arrival in the Republic Ballroom, guests can walk straight into one of Boston’s most famous neighborhood bars: The L Street Tavern of the predominantly Irish community of South Boston.

Made famous by the film ‘Good Will Hunting’ directed by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, this replica showcases the outside of the tavern on one side and serves as a fully functioning bar on the other.

Republic Ballroom | Chinatown

A visit to Boston isn’t complete without experiencing the culture and flair that Chinatown has to offer. Guests will love this area of the event, complete with a fabulous replica of Boston’s famous Chinatown arch. Tables topped with Chinese rock gardens and foo dogs will set the stage for wonderful lounging and networking throughout the night.

Grand Ballroom | Cheers Bar

Guests will love visiting the iconic bar where everybody knows their name! This 14 foot square cherry wood bar with brass foot rests is an exact replica of the original Cheers Bar. Holding up to (5) bartenders at a time, this fully functional bar has ample under bar storage and includes an overhead glass rack, an enlarged replica of the famous sign that “points” customers to the bar, twelve authentic Cheers barstools and sports memorabilia for an authentic pub feel. Pricing includes the giant overhead “Cheers” hand that can even be customized with the Essilor’s logo!

Independence Ballroom | Waterfront

Boston has a wealth of maritime history. Across the way guests can practically smell the salty air as they walk over to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Complete with a 16’ lighthouse with a rotating beacon scanning the ballroom’s perimeter from its glass housing, this dimensional prop is going to create drama and height in the space. Up close, guests enjoy the fine detailing of this charming lighthouse and notice beach treasures washed up on the surrounding island of faux rocks.

Grand Ballroom | Fenway Park

Positioned against the ballroom’s main wall is a replica of Fenway Park’s famous Green Monster. Guest will feel live and up close with this replica which comes complete with a 6’ x 6’ Essilor sign and lit scoreboard

Grand Ballroom | North End

The sights and smells of Boston’s North End will be featured as guests stroll past an Italian Bistro Vignette, featuring stucco and brick walls and a striped awning.

The Exchange 2014 is less than a week away! 

Register here for The Exchange 2014. Or if you have already registered, Thank you! Please stay tuned for upcoming posts and information and don't forget to share with your peers so that we can make this the greatest Exchange yet!

See you there!

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Farah Rajan is the Marketing Manager at the Essilor of America.

Author Vision Source — Published April 3, 2014

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