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The Exchange 2014

What I've learned first-hand from working at the Vision Source Member Support Center is that everyone is there to guide and aide you to reach your full potential.

This happens within the office, where people are more than willing to help other departments. Within membership, where the doctors share best practices and industry news so that they can grow stronger and become even better at what they do. And within the Vision Source Representative group who--as their tagline says, are constantly, "Making the Best Practices Better" by communicating and educating staff members at the independent practices. The list goes on... 

Help is not limited within the groups that I mentioned above. What we do is support, guide and educate one another no matter what our role or job title is. 

The Vision Source Exchange 2014, is a great way to meet other optometrists and staff and develop that strong bond with each other.

I'm sure there are a mix of previous attendees and those who are newcomers. Both, I'm sure are thrilled to meet their peers and finally put a face to the name in the emails or phone calls that they receive. 

So what are you waiting for?

Register at here for The Exchange 2014. Or if you have already registered, stay tuned for upcoming posts and information and share this with your peers so that we can get more people onboard.

See you at The Exchange 2014!

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Author Vision Source — Published February 26, 2014

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