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Making Makeup Work With Glasses

It’s hard enough figuring out the most flattering makeup for our facial features — what about when we add glasses?

Your makeup strategy might need some adapting to keep you looking your best with the glasses on, especially if your prescription makes your eyes look unusually large or small. You could simply switch to contact lenses, but even those create a few challenges when it comes to makeup.

Tips for a Glasses-Complementary Makeup Routine

No matter whether you like to create a bold look with your makeup or a more natural one, here are a few general principles you might want to consider:

  • You can balance out a pair of thick or dark frames by wearing bold or bright lipstick.
  • Frame shadows can create the illusion of dark circles under the eyes, but concealer can eliminate it! (Not to mention actual dark circles.)
  • If your glasses are constantly slipping down, dab a little primer on the bridge of your nose. It will keep them from sliding around! (This trick works for guys as well as the ladies.)
  • Thick or dark-framed glasses are already pretty bold, so bold eyeshadow can be a bit much. Aim for something more neutral or bright to help your eyes pop.
  • Getting mascara streaks on your glasses? You can avoid them by applying the mascara less on the tips of your eyelashes and more towards the roots. You can also curl them up so they can’t stick out far enough to touch your lenses.

How to Match Your Makeup Style With Your Choice of Frames

If makeup plays a large role in the look you’ve created for yourself, you might do better with thin frames or rimless glasses. On the other hand, those who prefer a neutral makeup look can add some flair by wearing thicker frames. See what you think by trying out different combinations before you settle on the frames you want.

Another factor to consider is size. Bigger frames give you more room to play with dramatic makeup, but smaller frames won’t be in such competition with your eyebrows. Decide what your makeup goals are and which trade-offs are worth it.

Another Factor: Lens Prescription

Like we hinted at above, your glasses prescription affects the way your eyes look. A strong prescription for farsightedness will make your eyes appear enlarged, while a strong prescription for nearsightedness will make your eyes look too small. Makeup can mitigate this issue. Use matte and liquid eyeshadow to help make your eyes appear smaller. To make them appear larger, try using more mascara with lighter eyeshadows and liners.

What If I Wear Contacts?

Contacts wearers don’t have to worry so much about how their makeup will look with them as about how safe that makeup is near the eyes. Here are a few crucial rules to follow for eye safety with contact lenses:

  • Always put the contacts in BEFORE applying makeup. Also, remove the contacts BEFORE removing the makeup.
  • Always wash your hands before touching your contacts (either to take them out or put them in).
  • Only use non-allergenic makeup, just in case.
  • To avoid eye irritation, choose a water-based, cream eyeshadow over oil-based or powder.
  • Skip waterline eyeliner!
  • Check the expiration date on your medicine and don’t use it if expired!
  • Absolutely never use someone else’s makeup. (That’s a great way to share germs.)

Make New Frames Part of Your New Style

You might know exactly how you like your makeup, and it’s only the right frames that you’re missing. We can help with that too. Give us a call or come by to check out our selection of frames. We’ll be happy to offer you suggestions to suit your face shape and personal style!

We love helping our patients see clearly while looking their best!

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Author Vision Source — Published July 5, 2021

Posted In Eye Health Awareness