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Dr. Pamela Lowe on Living Healthy Chicago

Subtle issues with children's vision may create undetected challenges for them in school.

Often times, children do not know they have issues with their sight or they are not able to vocalize the obstacles that they face. Dr. Lowe notes 25-30% of children in school have a vision problem. Many children are not able to vocalize this or display signs these issues may go undetected.

Dr. Pamela Lowe

With that said, professional checkups with your optometrist is cruicial. In Living Healthy Chicago's segment featuring Dr. Lowe the, "Focused on Learning: The Importance of Vision" she and her patient share their experiences.

We see how her patient was able to get the proper care and how he was able to fight through his vision issues that were affecting him.

Click here to see the full story and watch Dr. Pamela Lowe's interview.

Dr. Pamela Lowe's practice is Professional Eye Care Center locaed in Niles, IL.

Author Vision Source — Published February 16, 2014

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