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What Are Digital High-Definition Glasses?

We promise -- it’s not a made up thing!

Sharper vision with high definition glasses

Wearing glasses may give you 20/20 vision, but you probably still see small distortions due to the characteristics of your eyes and the limitations of regular lenses. Thanks to advances in lens manufacturing technology, you may be in luck! 

High-definition glasses are made to help correct and eliminate aberrations, potentially giving you sharper vision. These lenses are designed to help your vision in all lighting conditions and may even improve nighttime driving. 

5 Benefits of High-Definition Glasses

Here are some of the potential benefits of wearing high-definition glasses:

  1. Sharper vision
  2. Reduced aberrations 
  3. Customized to your eyes
  4. Improved nighttime vision
  5. Improves vision in all lighting conditions 

Types of High-Definition Lenses

Free-Form Lenses: These are the most popular type of high-definition lenses.

Free-form lenses are made with computer-controlled surfacing equipment that provides a much more precise and defined finish. These lenses are sometimes customized to be positioned directly in front of the individual's eyes so they’re perfectly centered when placed into the eyeglass frame. 

Wavefront Lenses: Wavefront lenses are a much more customizable and are made with the same technology used to measure the eyes before LASIK eye surgery.

How does it work? The instrument projects uniform light waves into the eye, which reflect off the retina. The “wavefront” of light that reflects back is evaluated for all optical imperfections, such as aberrations, and the measurements are used to drive the computer-controlled manufacturing process to make the lens.

The outcome is a lens that is precisely customized to your eye, resulting in sharper vision.

Are High-Definition Glasses For You?

High-definition glasses can work for anyone who wears glasses. But people with a higher prescription may notice the benefits of high-definition glasses a bit more than those with a lower prescription. 

Since you’re receiving a better lens, the cost for high-definition lenses is 25 to 30 percent more than traditional lenses. Although high-definition lenses are more expensive, many people who try them report noticeably sharper vision.

If you’re interested learning more about high-definition glasses, contact your Vision Source eye care provider.

Author Vision Source — Published May 11, 2015

Posted In Eye Health Awareness