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Can Eye Makeup Cause Eye Problems?

Woman applying eyelinerCheck it out ladies: today we examine some potential problems related to eye makeup and ways you can safely avoid them.

Spring is finally here, and the entire month of April is dedicated to Women’s Eye Health & Safety. And what better way to start the month off than by talking about something many women can’t live without - eye makeup!

Most women reading this post wear makeup daily and probably have a tough time leaving the house without putting on mascara or eyeliner. While eye makeup can enhance the appearance of our eyes, it can also cause many issues for them.

Eye Problems Associated with Eye Makeup

Before we leap into the ways to avoid eye problems associated with eye makeup, let’s take a look at the issues that come from wearing it.

  • Scratched cornea. One of the most serious injuries that can be caused by eye makeup is damage to your cornea. It is possible to scratch your cornea while applying makeup with your mascara applicator or eyeliner. If damage does occur, it could lead to a corneal abrasion, which could become seriously infected.
  • Conjunctivitis. Perhaps the most common eye problem associated with eye makeup is conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Although most makeup contains preservatives that prevents bacteria from forming, it’s still possible to have bacteria grow on your makeup. This could happen if it’s expired or not properly concealed.
  • Allergic reactions. Often times, an allergic reaction to a specific type of eye makeup could cause redness, irritation, eye swelling, or infection. It’s important to check the makeup label before you buy it, and if you come across an allergic reaction make sure you look for a different product.

Problems for Contact Lens Wearers

In some cases, women who wear contact lenses may be more susceptible to eye problems related to eye makeup. Some eye makeup products may accidentally contaminate your contact lenses even if the smallest makeup particle comes in contact with the lens.

Make sure to insert your contacts before applying makeup to your eyes, and try to avoid heavy makeup close to the eye to reduce the risk of it flaking off into your eyes.

Ways To Prevent Makeup Related Eye Problems

Don’t fret ladies, there are ways to rock eye makeup while still protecting your eyes from potential eye problems.

The following tips will help you reduce the risk of eye problems associated with your eye makeup:

  • Never share. Your eye makeup should be yours and yours alone. It’s important not to share your eye makeup to avoid spreading bacteria, even if it’s your best friend.
  • Apply eyeliner on the outside of the lash line. By applying eyeliner to the outside of the lash line it will prevent any scratches to your eye or eyelids.
  • Sharpen your eyeliner pencil. A sharp eyeliner pencil is more precise. At all times, make sure your eyeliner pencil is sharpened this way you will avoid any painful scratches against your eyes.
  • Replace eye makeup every three to four months. To avoid any bacterial infections make sure to always change your eye makeup every three to four months, and avoid expired products. You can notice it’s time to change your mascara when it begins to odor or start to form clumps.
  • Replace eye makeup after an eye infection. If you get an eye infection, make sure to replace all of your previous eye makeup products in order to avoid more bacteria spreading.
  • Never apply makeup in a moving vehicle. Even if you aren’t driving, applying eye makeup in a moving vehicle is never a good idea. Keep both eyes on the road, and apply all of your makeup before stepping foot in a vehicle.
  • Remove eye makeup at the end of the day. Although it may have taken you some time to perfect that smoky eye, at the end of the day make sure to remove any and all make up. Your eyes are extremely sensitive, and even the tiniest speck of mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow could seep into the corner of your eye and cause an infection.

Stay Healthy, Safe, and Beautiful

By following these simple tips you will be more likely to avoid the eye problems related to eye makeup. Take the right precautions when it comes to your eye makeup, and keep your eyes healthy while still looking beautiful.

For more information on eye makeup safety make sure to contact your eye doctor.

Author Vision Source — Published April 14, 2014

Posted In Eye Health Awareness