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Are You Enjoying Fog-Free Vision?

Imagine you’re sitting down to enjoy a book with a hot cup of cocoa. As you take a sip, the cocoa fogs up your lenses.

Sound familiar? Whether you’re cooking, opening the dishwasher, or heading outside, fogged-up lenses are annoying. And when you’re driving or walking in humid weather, fogged lenses can be dangerous as well.

Optifog® Is An Innovative Solution

In the past, fog-resistant lenses had to be treated regularly with a special liquid solution. Optifog® lenses have been re-engineered to keep vision clear. Optifog lenses have a unique, hydrophilic top layer. When you clean your glasses using a special cloth, you activate the inherent fog repellent properties of the lens. Instead of atmospheric moisture obscuring your vision, fog spreads into a uniform, invisible layer of moisture on the lens surface.

Our Patients Love These Lenses!

In a recent pilot study of the new generation of Optifog lenses, wearers expressed highly positive reviews:

  • 98% of Optifog wearers were satisfied with the fog repellence efficiency.
  • 96% of Optifog wearers were satisfied with the ease of use.

Talk To Us About Your Lenses

We’re excited to offer this groundbreaking technology to our patients! Protect your vision and move forward with life, fog-free.

What kind of lenses do you wear? Are they functioning as well as they could? Talk to a Vision Source doctor to determine which lenses will suit your lifestyle best.

Top image by Flickr user François Rejeté used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.

Author Vision Source — Published January 12, 2015