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5 Ways Social Media Helps Your Eye Doctor Serve You

Social media has become part of the fabric of our lives. But progressive eye care practices don’t use social media because it’s a trend... They use it to best serve you!

Social Media...

1. Helps Your Eye Doctor Be Accessible

Sometimes it may be easier for patients to find information or ask questions in their time frame, online. 

2. Helps Your Eye Doctor Listen To Your Feedback

Eye care practices become more effective when you, the patient, share your feedback on how they’re addressing your needs, cares, or concerns. 

3. Strengthens Relationships

Patients are so much more than names or numbers. Social eye care practices believe in creating strong, lasting relationships. 

4. Helps Your Eye Doctor Protect Your Health

Social eye care practices carefully select and share information that helps empower people to make smart choices about their eye health and lifestyle.

5. Provides Opportunities To Share An Occasional Light Moment

Life’s too short to not take a moment and smile... 

Help Your Eye Care Doctor Best Serve You!

When you participate via social media—through your comments, Likes, re-tweets, shares, and feedback it helps your eye care practice be the best it can be. Thanks for being part of it.

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Top image by Flickr user Nicolas Vigier used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.

Author Vision Source — Published November 18, 2014