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4 Tips To Help Your Child Love His Glasses

Glasses will give your child a whole new view on the world, but they can also be a lot of responsibility! And sometimes your child might feel a little awkward and self conscious.

How can you make the transition easy? Here are four tips...

Tip #1:  Make The First Encounter A Positive One

When your child tries glasses on for the first time, be sure that she’s well rested and in a good mood. Let her participate in choosing which frames to try.

Tip #2:  Ensure A Comfortable Fit

Children are more likely to wear their glasses if they’re properly adjusted. Before you leave our office, we’ll carefully check the sizing and fit. They shouldn’t pinch, create pressure points, or slide around.

Tip #3:  Give Positive Feedback

Your child may not realize how important the glasses are right away, but he or she will respond to encouraging and uplifting feedback about the new look! Here’s a fun, related story… A boy named Noah feared that he would be teased when he got glasses. His mother started a special Facebook page asking friends to share photos of themselves wearing glasses so Noah could see. The page went viral!

Tip #4:  Talk About The Amazing Gift Of Sight

Have your child wear the glasses for short periods of time while doing activities that glasses will enhance, such as reading and crafts. Help your child see first hand the benefits of glasses!

A Vision Source Doctor Can Help

Making sure your child is comfortable during appointments, as well as with his or her new glasses, are among our highest priorities. Find a Vision Source doctor near you

Top image by Flickr user Roberto Taddeo used under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.

Author Vision Source — Published December 4, 2014