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4 Makeup Tips For Women With Glasses

Today, glasses are sleek, cool and stylish. Gone are the days when they were considered to be nerdy or embarrassing. Many people own multiple frames to switch up different looks. Although glasses are a great accessory, they do pose unique challenges when applying makeup. Here are a few tips for perfecting your glasses makeup routine.

4 Tips For Glasses Glam

#1 Shape Your Brows

Glasses draw attention to eyes. It’s important to keep eyebrows looking good by shaping them and filling them in with a brow pencil or powder.

#2 Line Your Eyes

Eyeliner helps eyes stand out behind the frames. Work close to the lash line, but don’t go inside the lash line! Remember this rule—thicker frames call for a thicker line.

#3 Pick A Bold Color For Cheeks Or Lips

Spice up your look by adding a pop of color with blush or lip color. Darker colors like a deep red compliment dark frames. Pinks and corals are great for thinner frames and can add some color to your look.

#4 Lighten Up The Shadows

Glasses, especially thick-framed glasses, tend to accentuate any darkness that appears under the eyes. Put some concealer or foundation under your eyes, preferably one shade lighter than your skin tone. Finish up with some loose powder.

Do You Have Any Suggestions To Add?

Any awesome tips from you for fellow glasses wearers? Share your makeup savvy! Snap a photo and share your look on our Facebook page.

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Author Vision Source — Published October 31, 2014