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How Are Cataracts Typically Treated?

August 13, 2014

If you think you may be developing cataracts, please contact your medical professional. In some cases cataracts can cause vision loss from the clouded lens. These situations demand medical treatment in order to regain clear vision. Here are your typical treatment options.

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Can Children Have Cataracts?

August 11, 2014

You have heard that cataracts can cause vision loss and blindness in the elderly, but can cataracts affect your child too? The answer may surprise you...

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Don't Forget your Sunscreen

May 1, 2014

"Don't forget your sunscreen!" is what many of us have heard or said numerous times. What eye doctors would love to start hearing is "Don't forget your sunglasses!" While 95% of the general population know that the sun's UV radiation can damage our skin, only 7% know that it can damage our eyes! Our eyes are continuously...

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